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Warsaw is a capital of Poland. Warsaw is the biggest town in Poland. In Warsaw you spend nice time. You can visited 'PałaC kultury', museum and theatre. You can go to the shopping and restaurant.

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Warsaw - capital and biggest city polish < poland >, in central put country part < frequent >, on mazovia over river vistula. Warsaw is scientific center, cultural, political and on european scale economic. Headquarters of (seats of) parliaments are contained in (to) her (it), president polish republic, the cabinets of ministers and other central authorities. Warsaw is capital of mazovian province also. Warsaw is sole city in present borders characterized cross of silver war order polish < poland > ( Virtuti Militari but in history second (other) city polish < poland >, after lvov ). Warsaw is biggest polish city in june 1 711 466 reported inhabitants 2009 3 in respect population ( ) [ ] and surface ( 517,24 km & # 178; with vistula including 2 1 ) [ ] [ ]. In scale of country, real population of warsaw and it is possible to compare for silesian industrial district regions only. Warsaw is member of (limb of) relationship of (association of) polish city.

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