Dokończyć opowieść Tima.. Min 7 zdań...

To poczatek:

It was really busy year for Tim and he was looking forward to his holiday in Malta. On the big day he got up very early because he felt a bit anxious about missing his flight. He packed his siutcase, had breakfast and then he drove to the airport. He reached the airport 2 hours before his flight but when he was about to check in, he realised he didn't have his passport. There was plenty of time before he would board the plane so he decided to drive home and get the passport. His heart wa beating fast as he reached home. Would he be able to find it? He was opening the front foor when he heard the phone ring....



No, i won't talk with nobody now! i have to find my passport! but phone was ringing really long. than he heard that someone knocked at his doors. he saw the bautifulest girl - maria from his school. i'm sorry, i was so rude for you - she said. i took ypur passport. please talk with me. but he didn't want to talk with her. it's all your fault - he said. now i'm going to the holiday. give back me my passport... jeśli zasłabe, to spróbuję coś innego...:-)