Complete the sentences with the verbs in the correct form - BE GOING to OR the present continuous.
1 I've decided. I__________ (get) good results in my maths exam.
2 my sister is a bit overweight. She _________ ( start ) doing aerobics.
3 What _______ ( you do) on August the 15th? Would you like to come to a party ?
4 I'vedecided that I________ (learn) how to play the guitar in the holidays.
5 ________ (you go) away at half-term?
6 My sister is bored with her job.She _______ (look for) a new one soon ?
7 let's go to the cinema on Friday. What are _______ (you do) in the evening ?
8 I ________ (play) in the school basketball team on Saurday. Th match atarts at 11 o'clock.
9 My brother ________ (work) with computers when he leaves shool.
10 I_________ (not start) smoking. It's really bad for you.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. I'm going to get
2. is starting
3. are you doing
4. am going to
5.are you going
6. is going to look
7. you doing
8. am going to play
9. is working
10. am not going to start
3 5 3