Cleaning up the environment is undoubtedly one of the major problems, which people inhabiting our planet have to face up to. For many decades this issue was neglected by governments of many countries and as a result it is almost impossible to find unpolluted place on our planet.

Let's start from water. Sewage dumped directly into rivers or into seas have polluted water so strongly that there are many countries where people have to buy this life-giving liquid and pay a lot of many for it. Frequent tanker leaks oil make water in many regions unfit to use and pose the main cause of the environmental damage. As a result wild species of birds, fishes and other marine animals are disappearing. In many parts of the world trees, rivers and lakes are destroyed by acid rains, which originates in dissolving chemical substances in rain.

The air we breathe is polluted by smoke and fumes from factories and motor vehicles. There is a clear evidence that the build up of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the main cause of the GREENHOUSE EFFECT.
This pollution have led to the situation called "global warming", which will have dreadful results like the melting like melting of the polar ice caps and subsequent flooding of low lying areas.

But there is still hope. The forces of destruction are being challenged across the globe by an ecology movement - GREENPEACE.
Wherever the environment is in danger Greenpeace makes an effort to attend it. We can have hope that future generations will be more aware of the importance of being environmental friendly and fact with destroying of environment we are destroying ourselves too.

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