This days most people have pets.I have a beautiful rabbit. His name is Cuba.
This is the average rabbit, because I got it from colleagues.But it always means a little better?He has little black eyes like buttons.It's long ears are almost on the floor.Has a short tail and sharp claws.His gray hair reflects light from the lamp.He loves to eat a particular fruit.I love him because when I sit on the floor, he puts next to me.There is no better pet than he.
wydaje mi się że to jest dobrze
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My pet is a dog. His name is [tu wpisz imię psa]. It breeds is [rasa]
My dog has short brown hair and long ears. [Imię] likes to play with me and lie. Typically, he eat meat. When he was young, a lot of sleep, but now he still run and play - hi is a big dog. His favorite toy is a rubber bone. [imię] likes to sleep in bed with me. I love him because he is my best friend!

opisałam pieska, musisz wstawić tylko imię ;]