Write an article about the advantages and disadvantages of computer games.
Use the following plan:

Paragraph 1: Introduce the topic.

Paragraph 2: State some of the disadvantages.

Paragraph 3: State some of the advantages.

Paragraph 4: Conclude the article with a statement of your own opinion.

Nie za długie. :) tak ze 120 - 140 słów. ^^



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
'Games are not wrong !'

Craft of games develop herself to gigantic sizes. Many corporations already make games on 3 or even 4 platforms, therefore we can admire beautiful video print on our TVs or monitors. Computerised images can make on our face big smile cause is very well-rounded.
Beside that ground games can take us to colourfull wonderlands and also in middle of war, where we must find some weapons and try to fight with unfriends. Games take us to household asylum and may take us to cosmos too. In my opinion games have not disadvantages. We only ought to protect ourselves from decline of vision and we can't let fully drag down in them. I think games, specially on PCs are good sense of entertainment and without them, I suppose, I would haven't any things to do at home !!