Spider-man is superhero . He's very strong . He saving people in New York in USA. He love Mary Jane . Spider-man fight with Green Goblin . Goblin want to kill Spidem-man , but Spider-man still live . I like Spider-man.

Spider-man jest super bohaterem.Jest bardzo silny . Ratuje ludzi w Nowym Jorku w USA . On kocha Mary Jane. Spider-man walczy z Zielonym goblinem . Goblin chce zabić Spider-man'a , ale on ciągle żyje . Lubię Spider-man'a.
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Spider-man is Americain super-hero. He can on walls and produce webs to fly over the congested streets of New York . He gained this super-powers when spider bite his hand. Now he saves women from oppression and chathes thiefs. He haves blue-red dress with sign of a spider on the chest . Nobody knows who he is but we now that . It's Peter Parker a reporter who in love to beatiful Mary-Jane .