treść : hi! i't sid dundee! i'm froom australia.
i'm at school now but there isn't a board or a teacher's desk in my classroom.
my teacher is 700miles away and a11 my schoolmates are far away too.
there is only a computer.
all the lessons are on the screen.
i'm not very happy now.
there is homework on the screen for me.

1) where is sid from?
2)where is he now?
3)what colorur is the board in his cllassroom?
4)where is hi teacher?
5)why isn't sid very happy now?

czekam na odpowiedzi do pytań od 1-5.



1 He is from Australia
2 He is at school
3 There isn't any board in his classroom.
4 he is 700 miles away from classroom
5 because he has to do homework. It appear on the screen of his computer