Prosze o sprawdzenie:)
I went to a wedding one month ago. My cousin was getting married. The church ceremony was in a small, wooden church in a village. the church was exqusite. inside the church was a little but magnificet altar. There were a stained glass window. On the floor was a long red carpet. the atmosphere in this church was very romantic especially that everywhere were beautiful flowers. when a church ceremony started a music was playing. the bride came in at the church and everybody were enchanted by her appearance. she looked wonderfully in her silk wedding dress and a long veil. the groom looked very handsome too. they both had white flowers. the church ceremony lasted one hour. the atmosphere was magic and the moment of exchanging wedding rings was really touching. many wedding guest was crying. after the church ceremony we wish newlyweds all the best for their future. letter everybody was invited to the wedding reception. thier wedding reception was at a local hotel. when we came in at the hotel first the bride threw her wedding bouquet. afterwards we ate a wedding dinner it was delicious. there was a band. in this band was a woman who sang and everybody was enchanted by her singing. the first couple who danced was newlyweds. they danced beautiful. letter everybody danced. we danced, ate and drank. the party was great fun. I came back at home in the morning. in the future I'll want have identical wedding.



I was in the wedding one month ago.
There were a stained glass windows.