mam taką małą prośbe musze napisac na jutro konfilkt pokoleń po angielsku czyli co: Młodzi Ludzie Sądzą o Starszych Ludziach i na odwrót co Starsi Ludzie sądzą o młodych ludziach ...

i to ma być tka 5 zdań dla każdego :)



I am young girl and I think that the elders are right, but not necessarily always. For example parents are older, they think they have more experience and want to save us problems but the problems there is no escape. Sometimes they are terrible, do not allow us to nothing. They want us to be safe rather than fell into bad company.Our intimates that nothing in life is not free and are happy with each of five acquired in school, or worse when those good grades is less or not at all

Older people think that kids are intolerable.In their opinion, do not know how to behave, never have a reason for their decision, we can quickly regret. They do not care that we print that we try something new.

nie wiem czy to jest w porządku. pomieszałam chyba troche.