Write a paragraph for tourists about a famous place in your town.Use these questions to help you.( Moje miasto to Gdańsk i prosze pisac tak na poziomie kasy 1 gim >

*Where is it?
*What is special about it?
*What can you see/do there?
*when is it open?
*how old is it?



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I love my town. There are a lot of great things that you can see while you are here !

first, you should see Saint Jean Church. It is very old monument. It was build 1463. for me it's the best place to have great memories. And spend an amazing time during the school trip for example. I am not exctaly sure why I like this church. It has a very intresting history and when you are at the top of this building You feel calm and You have only the greaties thoughts.
You can also buy a lot of souvenires and go sightseeing too.
It is open every day from 14 to 20
I can recommend this place for everyone who likes history and would like to know more about polish monuments.

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