Mikołaj Krawczyk is the son of Mary Krawczyk and Mirosław Krawczyk. He was first elected to the stage at the age of four years. For nine years he attended a ballet school, but never dreamed to become a dancer. Thought about acting, rather.already debuted as an adult role in art Pazi Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare on the stage of Theater.Fame won the role of Pawła Krzyzanowskiego a former student of the orphanage in the TV series-Polsat first love, which adopted in 2004.
Henryk Sienkiewicz was born on 5 May 1846 in Wola Okrzejska in Podlasie. He came from the impoverished gentry family, settled in Warsaw in 1855 after graduating high school in Warsaw, Henryk Sienkiewicz studied law, philology and history at the Central School and the University of Warsaw. During his studies, worked with "Review ".

Henryk Sienkiewicz has worked as a reporter and columnist for the "Polish Gazette" (1872-1887). He was a co-owner of the biweekly "Niva" newspaper and editor of "The Word". In the years 1876-1878 he lived in North America. At that time, created a few tracks , for example, "Charcoal Drawing" (1877).
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Julia Małgorzata Kamińska born in 13 listopada 1987, in Gdańsk.
Poland actress . Germanistyki a student at the University of Gdansk.
He currently lives in Warsaw.
Played in many movies .
Tj:* 2005 Full Steam Niwińska as Agnes, the daughter of Henry
* 2005 Goods as a girl in the bathroom
* 2006 dilemma of 5 as a cut
* 2007 I'll show you a Tosia Kozlowska, the daughter of Judith
* 2007 in the steppe as a groupie broad
* 2008 colors of happiness as Majka, a colleague Iwonki
* 2008-2009 BrzydUla as Ula Cieplak
* 2009 Lower evil as a poet
* Appointed in 2009 as a student Anne
* Zero in 2009 as a restaurant worker
* 2009 History of Roja, which is better heard in the land as Martha Burkacka
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