Witam was. Mam do was ogromną proźbe.
Mianowicie mam na zadanie napisać krótkie odpowiedzi do poniższych pytań.
Możecie napisać to o jakiej kolwiek książce.
1.What book would you like someone else to read.
2.Who is it written by?
3.What's on the cover of the book?
4.What's it about?
5.Which is your favorite character? Why?
6.Why did you enjoy the book.
Bardzo prosze o rozwiązanie tego powieniważ potrzebuje tego na jutro.
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1.My brother must to read ,,Tales from Narnia" (opowiesci z narni)
2.This book was written by C.S. Lewis.
3.On the cover of this book is big map of Narnia and portrait of
Aslan the lion.
4.This book is about four siblings who go to the magic wardrobe
and get in to the land named Narnia.
5. My favourite character is faun named Tumnus because it`s very
friendly character.
6.I enjoy this book because it's have very unexcepted story and it's fantastic book.

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1.I'd like someone else to read Lord of the Rings.
2. It's written by English writer, J.J.R. Tolkien.
3. On the cover of the book there is a ring, and picture of the world presented in the book.
4. It's about fantastic world called Middle-Earth where beside of people live hobbits, orcs and other strange creatures. Black character, Sauron wants to rule the world but to do that, he needs a magic ring. Frodo, the main character walks all the book to destroy the ring and bring peace back to the world.
5. My favourite character is Eowina, because she wanted to fight in the war even if men in the book didn't want her to. She was smart, beautiful and brave feminist.
6. I enjoyed the book because it was about magic. There was some funny moments and sometimes it was dramatic. Characters were really interesting.