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Krakow - one of the largest and most numerous Polish cities. Seat Małopolskie. Krakow is situated on the Vistula River where it touches Upland Mazowiecka, and called the Carpathians. The gate of the Krakow. Serves an important function of the administrative, cultural, educational, economic, service and tourism.
Krakow start going around by the ninth century. legend name of the city was named after Prince Krak, the ruler of Wislanie, who at that time lived in current areas of Krakow. By Krakow ran an important trade route linking the Rus with the Czech Republic and western Europe. In this way the city developed and became an important center of trade.
Ok. 990 years came in Krakow Piast state borders. During the reign of Boleslaw became an important stronghold, and in 1000 years the capital of the bishopric. During the reign of Casimir the Restorer (1039 - 1058) Krakow became the main seat of the prince. In 1241 the town was destroyed by the Tatars, saved from destruction only castle. The city was rebuilt and given to the rights magdeburskich locations. Then it was characteristic szachownicowy layout of the city. From 1320 up to 1734 years, Krakow was the crowning place of Polish kings. In 1364 an initiative of the Great Casimir III, called the first Polish Jagiellonian University.
You can see the following things Barbican (XV) Wawel Hill (the oldest part of town): Cathedral. And St. Stanislaus. Wenceslas - Coronation Cathedral of Polish kings and their resting place (Dec) The Royal Castle - a Renaissance royal residence (XI), where youll see: The royal chambers, private Royal Apartments, treasury and armory of the Crown; Dragons Den and the statue of the Wawel Dragon, 1972 The Market Square: St. Marys Church (XIII); Cloth Hall (first floor gallery of Polish Painting and Sculpture of the nineteenth century), Town Hall Tower, Adam Mickiewicz monument. streets to visit: Florian - runs from the north-west corner of Market Square St. Florians Gate, Bracka - from Market Square to the south to the church of Father Francis, Grodzka - is a part of. The Royal Roads, which rode the Polish kings going to Wawel Castle, Mikolajska - runs from the Market Street. Westerplatte (former suburb of Cracow); Churches:
Krakow (full name: Royal Capital City of Cracow) - a city situated on the Vistula River in southern Poland, the second in the country - Warsaw - in terms of population and in terms of surface area. One of the oldest Polish cities, with over a thousand years of history, Krakow has a valuable architectural monuments, works on many of the institutions and cultural institutions.
In the past, Krakow was the Polish capital and seat of Polish kings. Is the capital of the province of Małopolska Małopolska and historical, as well as the main center for metropolitan agglomeration of Cracow. Krakow is a city districts, the seat of the Malopolska province. There is headquarters Polish Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Books, the city also has many institutions of national importance and status of such Old National Theater, National Museum, the National Printing House, Jagiellonian Library. Center serves as the administrative, cultural, educational,National Museum, the National Printing House, Jagiellonian Library. Center serves as the administrative, cultural, educational, economic, commercial and tourist destination. It is one of the key road and rail hubs. In Balice near Krakow is the second largest Polish airport of international importance, supporting transatlantic flights.