Pls zróbcie do 17 :)

musisz napisać e-maila do angielskiego kolegi :P:d

step1. Use the questions in the Writing Help to think of ideas.

step2.Write your e-mail. Write about:
-your trip to usa
-the school, classes and teachers
-new friends
-a reason to finish the letter
Remember to include linking words

step3.Check your e-mail for speling, grammar and linking words.

Piszemy do Finn takie imię ;d Z góry dzięki daje dużo pkt proszę szybko :)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Road Finn. I write to you because będe could you visit already soon. I begin from this first, that at me generally very nicely, I am interesting how will at you? Not będe longer waited and I will say you, that I go on trip to USA!! I do not know to what city yet exactly but I try to coax into and we would go to Forest Vegas just to we would can meet. Ehh, now something about school. They repaired us all halls and it is on super truth nicely generally because every of us has computer, we and homework record on Pen - Drivers. Teachers, they are in order how the most, and paradise thing taking school this generally! Why? I come on dinner, and I ask you to choice the, patties, of chips , pizza, pastas there and all different splendid dishes. I found also new friend, and Mark be calls. Absolutlly be interests this what we that is grams together in ball foot and through net on computers, as you to me will arrive once you have to get to know. I have to finish already slowly because I promised mum, that i will rewrap my sister. I greet you and we will be in contact. Radek