Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.The United States was more rich in nineteenth century.
2.Poland is smaller than the USA.
3.In Poland we've got higher percent of unemployment than in the USA.
4.In the USA are living more rich people than in Poland.
5.Polish students are more intelligent than the USA students.
6.The USA is bigger than Poland.
7.In the USA are having faster internet than in Poland.
8.The roads in Poland are worse than in the USA.
9.Pollution is higher in the USA than in Poland.
10.The USA are spending more cash on science than Poland.
11.The air is better in Poland than in the USA.
12.Farms in USA are bigger than in Poland.
13.In Poland we're growig more species of the animals on farms than in the USA.
14.The USA is more industrialized than Poland.
15.The USA is more ugly than Poland.