Read the text about Thomas.Complete his timetable.

My day start at eight o'clock when I have breakfast.I leave home for school at half-past eight. I always walk to school.School starts at ten to nine. We stop for lunch at twenty past twelve. I usually go home but I sometimes eat at school. I leave school at quartet to four and I usually go to the park with my friends and we play football. I go home at quartet past five and do my homework. We have supper at half past six then I watch TV or listen to music. I got to bed at ten o'clock.

8.00 He has breakfast.
8. 50

prosze pomóżcie mi to pilne musze napisac co on robi w pozostałych godzinach potrzebuje na teraz prosze .



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
8.00 He has breakfast.
8.30 He go to school
8.50 Lessons at schoold start
12.20 He has a Lunch time
3.45 He leave school and play football
5.15 He go home
6.30 He has a supper
10.00 He go to bed