"Writing letter about yourself:
-You are going to write letter introducing yourself, use this points to build construction of your letter- future plans, character and interests, physical description, home and school."

Proszę o napisanie listu o sobie - JAKO DZIEWCZYNIE - używając miedzy innymi tych słów:
-very, extremely, rather, completely, quite, absolutelly, really
-interested, ashamed, bored, keen, proud, good
-quiet, shy, easy-going, generous, friendly, affecionate, nervous, sensitive, unemotional, confident, impatient, mean, outgoing, uncaring, calm.

List ma składać się z 120-150 słów. DAJE NAJ!! Z góry dzięki :)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I write this letter to introduce myself. I am 160cm tall very cheerful girl with long dark hair. Most of the time you can see smiling me as I am very friendly, easy going but responsible and absolutely honest person. I attend to classes in nearest school which is located 500 meter from my house. I like my school very much as I have a lot of friends in there whom are sharing the everyday life with me. As I said before I am very cheerful person. What is more I am also very active because I spend my free time for a lot of activities such as sport, dance and study other languages. During the weekends I spend my time to go out with my friends and very often we go to cinema or we go to dance in the club but really I rather prefer to stay at home and play with my pet or read an interesting book. I also have some freaky hobby and it is climbing. However this kind of hobby requites a lot of training and responsibility but my parents are very proud of me. I have never been bored as you see I have always something to do.
Ok then that is it. I look forward to hear from you