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A) zalety: Lack of noise , Fresh air , peace
wady: Continuous work
b) zalety:Greatest capabilities ,More schools , find work simply
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There are many shops, departament stores and supermarkets so you can do your shopping easily and comfortably. There is a great choice of goods of every kind. The shops are open until late. There is an easy access to entertainment in a big city. You can choose from numerous cinemas, theatres and discos. You can go to a restaurant, pub or cafe. You can visiting museums, galleries. Children who grow up in a city have far better chances of getting a proper education and of developing their interests. People brought up in a big city have much better career prospects.
The air is very polluted becouse of the great number of cars and traffic jams.The streets are very busy and there is a lot of noise everywhere. There are few plantsThere are crowds of people everywhere and you can never be alone.Public transport is very crowded. There are many accidents. The crime rate is higher and higher.City life is more expensive.