Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Past Simple :

1.He visited his grandmother last week.
2.She went to Cracow yesterday.
3.When did he visit his grandmother.?
4.Did she go to Cracow.?
5.He didn't visit his aunt.
6.He didn't go to hospital.
7.They worked on Monday but they didn't work on Tuesday.
8.We went to the post office but we didn't go to the bank.
9.Did you have a good holiday.?
10.Did you enjoy the party.?

Past Countinous :

1.I was reading.
2.We were writing.
3.He wasn't watching TV.
4.At seven o'clock yesterday evening Sally and Jenny were runing.
5.She was walking down the street when she ran into an old friend from school.
6.My sister was doing her homework.
7.I was playing football.
8.It was raining hard and the wind was blowing.
9.Yesterday morning the gardener was watering the plants in the garden.
10.Her husband was reading a newspaper.