Read the statements(1-5) below. decide if you agree with them. Write notes giving reasons for your opinions.
1.Fame and money bring hapinnes
2.the press shouldnt write about the lives of famous peple
3. famous footballers and pop singers get too much money
4.the government sholud tax vey rich people a lot more
5.the government sholud have more control over newspaper, TV an the internet.

Ma być to wypowiedź ustna na 3-5min na jeden z wyzej podanych tematow.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. I must say: I agree and disagree. Why? Because fame demands a lot of self-deprovations. Whe can't do what we want, we can't be bad-looking etc. but famous people have a lot of money for their whims which sometimes bring happines. Famous people must reckon to that, when they'll be famous, they'll be watched secretly all the time by paparazzi. It's very hard life.
To participate in meetings, parties, TVshows is an everyday occurrence. But to be famous is not too bad. Famous people as a rule are very rich. They've got big houses in certains famous places, can realize their dreams and fancies. They've got a lot of friends too, not only in famous people, but sometimes, they don't know: are they true or false friends? I think famous and money bring happines.

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