Mam do napisania list do koleżanki, która leży w szpitalu. A teraz co ma się znajdować w liście tym: ;))

a) and with a suitable sentence
b) close the letter with "Love" or " All the best"
c) open your letter with "Dear"
d) say how sorry you are to hear Anna is in hospital
e) make some suggestions about what Anna can do so she isn't bored
f) thank Anna for the letter she sent you
g) say that you have sent some magazines. Begin with "Now" or "Anyway"
h) tell Anna some news about what's hapenning in your life at the moment

Nie jest trudne, zrobiłabym sobie sama, ale nie mam czasu :/
Proszę o pomoc :*



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Anna,
Thanks for the letter you've sent to me. How are you? What do you do in hospital? If I were you I would be bored. If you are bored you can play games on your mobile phone, listen to music or read books. Anyway I sent you some magazines. At the moment there isn't anything special in my life, everything is normal and there aren't any problems.

All the best