Edward Cullen and his beloved - Bella Swan - are together again. Charlie hates him, but that his daughter suffered a lot by him. Seeks to limit the time that his daughter has to spend with him. However, continue to meet in school, and Edward is the guy every night in her room. They are inseparable. But Bella is dreaming to visit Jacob. Edward disagrees, arguing that it could be dangerous for her. Bells is still wanted by Victoria's no blood, which also creates an army of "newly born" vampires. Family Cullenów and Black gang joins in the battle against Victoria and her enraged army. Jasper, as the most experienced in this field, trained pack of his family and to the best able to defend and disposed of newborn. At all costs must protect Bella. Bella worrying about her beloved Edward, asks him to have her at the time of the battle. While waiting for the fight against Jacob tells Bella that will fight even if he had to die. Does not depend on the life. Worrying about his life, kisses him. Then realizes that she loves Jacob. The fight begins and Victoria with her army is destroyed. Jacob is wounded, but goes with this piece. Bella must choose between love for a friend and the love of a man's life. When Jacob said of his decision, that, although this is expected, decides to remain a wolf forever. Bella despair after the loss of Jacob, he spends all night wypłakując to Edward. This removes all very well. Bella moves back on its transformation. Bearing in mind the compromise concluded with Edward, they decide to go to Charlie the betrothal ring. Making sure that his beloved has taken the right decision, Edward begins a new chapter in his life.

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