Możecie mi napisać e-maila po angielsku do jakiejś dziewczyny. Musza być trzy takie akapity .
Musi być w tym liście :
1.What country are you writing from?
2.What do you think of the country ?
3Where have you been and what have you done in the last few days?
4.Have you enjoyed the experience?
5.Where are you staying tonight?
6. Where and how are you travelling in the future?
MoZe sie zaczynać tak:

Hi Anna

I'm writing this email from Tunis. i coś tam dalej Prosze bardzo o szybką pomoc . Pilne



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi Anna.
How are you today?
I'm writing from Poland. This country is a brilliant area. There are so many beautiful places. I think that Poland have a many opportunities. I saw the Warsaw. This is a European, New York. I was in Palac Kultury i Nauki. Also I saw a polish "white house".
I did a photos. I met a new friends.
Tonight I'm staying in my uncle house.
In the futer I will travelling a cool plane. I want to see a Brazil, a China, a Japan and Australia. Anyway, I have to finish now.

See you soon

nie wiem czy jest to dobrze. mam problem z "a" nie wiem czy jest wszędzie wstawione i czy jest wstawione tam gdzie powinno ;]