Book an excellent writer, Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt Fri "Oscar and Mrs. Rose" is the first reading for high school classes. It is interesting and fascinating story for teenagers and adults. Are contained in the suggestion that we refer to everyday life. In addition, he teaches us to appreciate the moment and accept the suffering that many people is the cause of worry and depression.

This is undoubtedly a sad song because of the deadly disease, leukemia, which affected the main character. This extraordinary book, which introduces the reader into his world and allows you to live together with the heroes of their problems. Topic discussed in that story is serious and addictive substance. This story is presented in lists of ten Academy Award, which describes twelve of their last days in the hospital. He tells us about how they can survive in a beautiful and real way, if you only agree to a change in thinking - believe Mrs Rose. Then no one knows when this story of a child who assumes the world is changed ideas about the life of the person with a small child in turn becomes a teenager, an adult figure, a married man and at the end of the old man. In fact, it is a song about pain, about the building of faith at the time of the terrible disease and to try to overcome the sense of life and death. Children's perspective you can see all the basic problems of the hero in the right light: without the lies and embellishments. Some Oscar speeches contain many of humor and positive attitude led straight to God. In his letters, the boy presents virtually any situation that affected the course of his life. Suffering and death in this book touches the reader deeply and deeply penetrates to the heart. When suddenly, after the departure of the child's role was to present everyday life takes over Mrs. Rose of our hearts, and emerges at the same time surprised and respect for how wonderful and happily survived the ten year his last days. Oscar attitude forces you to rethink your advice and Rose draw conclusions from the case the boy and his mental attitude on life.

This book is very pleased and I encourage you all to read it. In comparison with other works track Fri "Oscar and Mrs. Rose" is very realistic and talks about the problems with which we encounter every day and it is difficult to us to overcome them. Therefore, after reading this work, it is easier to answer the question: how to live? and find the meaning of our existence.

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