Mam przygotować rozmowę:
Student A:
You are planning to go to a restaurant with your friend
(Student B)
*suggest a kind restaurant you woulnd like to go to
*disagree with his/her suggestion and say why
*agree with his/her suggestion and suggest a time to meet

Student B:
You are planning to go to a restaurant with your friend
(Student A)
*disagree with his/her suggestion and suggest a different type of restaurant
*suggest having a meal at home and say why you think it would be a better idea
*agree with his/her suggestion
Wait for your partner to speak first.

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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
A)Hi, would you like to go to a restaurant with me?
B)Yes I do, what kind of restaurant would you like to go?
A)Maybe Chinesee restaurant?
B)I don't think it's a good idea, I don't like chinesee food, what about pizzeria?
A)Sorry, I don't like pizzas.
B)Why don't we have meal at my home? I think it's better idea because restaurants are expensive.
A)I agree, what about 4 o'clock PM?
-Hi Kasia! Wolud You go with me to Inglot restaurant ?
-Hi Ola, We'd better stay at home, and there have a meal.
- But i want to go somewhere. It's easier, because we don't have to cook, and next do the dishes.
-Ola, but i don't want to waste my money, dish at home will be cheeper. And i'm cold, so i don't want go anywhere.
-Ok, I understand You, but hold on! Let's go to the restaurant! I'll pay your bill.
-Hmm, give me a second ok? I'll think about it, and then I'll call You.

(after 10 minutes)

-Ok, i agree with You. I'll go with You to the restaurant.
-I'm so glad about it! That's cool! So, at 6pm in the Inglot reastaurant ?
-Yes, it's good time.
-Kissses, and see you soon!
- see you soon