Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. My friend is very skinny.
2. My habit is alcohol.
3. I can see 2 nice girls on a catwalk.
4. My dad has been employed in Microsoft.
5. An apple is a proper meal for a fat person.
6. A penalty for trolling in Internet forums is ban.
7. My wife has announced, that she wants to divorce.
8. My teacher has permitted me for leaving our classroom.
9. I do not have an underweight for sure.
10. This dog looks really starved.
1.She is beautiful girl but very skinny.
2.He's got bad habit of coming late.
3.She will take part in a casting and practise walking on a catwalk.
4.Both of them are employed at a nice cafe.
6.The English teacher banned chewing gum during lessons.
7.My parents are pleased to announce the opening new school in our town.
8.You are not permitted to use mobile phone here.
9.She doesn't eat dinner so she is underweight.
10.Many people are starving because they haven't enough money.