1 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.
1 I’m afraid he _______ (do) his homework at the moment. Phone again at about 6.30 p.m.
2 Why _______ (they arrive) late for every lesson?
3 Miss Barnes _______ (teach) us this term. She’s got a different class.
4 My cousin _______ (have to) wear a uniform at his school. He wears what he wants.
5 _______ (you go) to Germany for your holiday every year?
6 We _______ (go) for a walk in the forest. Do you want to come?
7 I _______ (go) out with my friends on Friday nights.
8 Where ______ (they have) the chess club on Mondays?
9 _______ (he have to) walk to school every day?
10 There _______ (be) some socks on the floor.
Mark: __ /10
2 Complete the sentences with the correct comparative, superlative or adverb form of the adjectives in brackets.
1 It’s _______ (exciting) to go to a party than to stay at home!
2 Don’t watch that! It’s the _______ (boring) programme on TV.
3 My house is the _______ (far) from the school. I have to catch the bus at 7.30 a.m.!
4 My sister is only five but she reads very _______ (good).
5 I’m _______ (happy) than yesterday. I’ve got some new trainers!
6 Chris doesn’t study very hard. He’s got the _______ (bad) results in the class.
7 It’s usually _______ (cold) in England than it is in Italy.
8 I think English is the _______ (difficult) language in the world!
9 My brother’s a _______ (good) driver than I am.
10 Her writing is very clear. She writes so ______ (careful).
Mark: __ /10
3 Complete the sentences with the correct answers.
1 My mother’s sister is my _______.
A cousin B nephew C aunt
2 My dad _______ the house on Saturdays.
A cooks B irons C cleans
3 I’m eating in the _______ at lunchtime today.
A playing field B canteen C corridor
4 Teachers don’t wear _______ in class.
A tracksuits B skirts C shoes
5 He plays the _______ in a pop group.
A drums B cello C violin
6 We do _______ after school on Wednesdays.
A guitar B gymnastics C chess
7 You get very wet if you stand near the _______.
A waterfall B rainforest C lake
8 I have a bad _______ because my shoes are small.
A finger B hand C toe
9 The _______ is a very quiet animal.
A hippopotamus B snake C bear
10 They can’t teach _______ at my school because we don’t have many computers.
A religious education B English C IT
Mark: __ /10

4 Read the text.
Would you like to learn to speak Mandarin, the main language of the Chinese people? Do you think it’s a good idea to learn about environmental problems like climate change at school? In the UK today schools want to teach new subjects, not traditional ones. They want to teach students about things that are important today.
For example, China is becoming a very important country for business. Some teachers think it’s better for students to learn Mandarin at school than Spanish or French. At the moment French is the most popular language in UK schools but it’s not very useful for the students’ future jobs.
Geography lessons are also changing. Some people think it’s more important to learn about modern environmental problems in geography than to learn about continents and countries.
A lot of people don’t like the changes. They think it’s important for children to study traditional subjects at schools and learn different subjects later. Of course, parents want their children to learn EVERYTHING but unfortunately there isn’t enough time in the day and I’m sure children don’t want to stay at school in the evenings too!
5 Choose the best answers.
1 Today in the UK
A children can go to China.
B schools want to teach Mandarin.
C children don’t like languages.
2 The French language
A is very difficult.
B is useful for work.
C is popular in UK schools.
3 In geography
A students don’t learn important things.
B teachers want to teach students about modern problems.
C students like learning about countries.
4 Which sentence is true?
A Everyone wants these changes.
B The students want the changes.
C Only some people want the changes.
5 Parents
A would like their children to learn more things.
B want to teach their children important things.
C want their children to stay at school in the evenings.
Mark: ___ /10

6 Write a letter to an English friend. Tell him/her about these things:
1your town and area
2your school
3your hobbies
Mark: ___ /10 Total: ___ /50




1. is doing
2. do they arrive
3. doesn't teach
4. doesn't have to
5. Dou you go
6. are going
7. go
8. do they have
9. Does he have to
10. are


1. more exciting
2. most boring
3. furthest
4. well
5. happier
6. worst
7. colder
8. most difficult
9. better
10. carefully


1. C
2. C
3. B
4. A
5. A
6. B
7. A
8. C
9. B
10. C


1. B
2. C
3. B
4. C
5. A


Dear XXX,
I'm writing to you because you haven't written to me for a very long time. What's going on?
There are many changes in my town. We've finally have our new house builded and decorated! We're moving to it next Monday. That's why I've to change my school. I'm little scared of this situation, you know, new people, new teachers, new friends, but I'm still going to do this.
As you probably know, I'm still playing guitar in my band, so if you're somewhere close to my place just stop by and come to our gig.

Hope to see you soon,

70 4 70