I. Jesteś na wycieczce w Egipcie. Napisz list do znajomych, w którym podasz gdzie się znajdujesz i co do tej pory zwiedziłeś. Opisz swoje wrażenia oraz podaj, kiedy zamierzasz wrócić do kraju

II. Napisz rozmowę w gabinecie lekarskim między lekarzem a pacjentem.

Proszę o pilne rozwiązanie! Potrzebuje na dzisiaj do 00:00!!!



Dear friends!I'm on holidays in Egypt.i'm with my friends and we 're having a lot of fun. we ' re staying at the hotel. every day we go swimming in the pool and go sigtseeing. we have already visited piramids but we haven't been on the desert yet. we ' re going to sunbathe near the see bacause we haven"t been there yet.
i hope that everything will be alright and we will come back soon. maybe we will stay here for 2 weeks but i can stAY HERE FOREVER. egypt is beutifull !
hope you, re well
love ...

a: good morning
b: good morning , what can i do for you?
A; i have a headache
b; how long has it been like this?
a: for 2 days
b: i will have you some presrcipion. i hope that you have got a paracematol.
a; thank you very much goodbye
b; goodbye
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Peter,

I'm sorry I haven't written for so long. I'm in Egypt and I have a great fun here.
I'm live in a stunning hotel. It's called "Sunny Holiday".
The food is ok. There is very hot. Sometimes I hate that.

Yesterday I was in Cairo. I met a new people. I met up with a new culture.
I ate a traditional food. It's very good. Also I saw the mosque Muhammed Ali. This is a really huge building. It's beautiful. In the evening I went to a restaurant and walked the streets of the capital. That was a great day. Today I was going to beach. I want to take a sunbathe.

I have a amazing experience. I'm so happy that I'm here. I love this place.

Anyway I have to finish now. I'll be back in next weekend.
Lots of love,

-Good morning.
-Hello. How are you feeling now?
-I'm so sick. I have fever and cough.
-This must be the flu. I will examine Mrs.
-I will give you a medication. Please, stay in home and rest. That's all. I wish you health.
-Thank you so much. Goodbye

co do dialogu nie jestem pewna. ;]