My best friend name ( wpisujesz imię ). She lives in ( nazwa miejscowości ). She loves music, plays the guitar and sings. She goes to music classes every day after school. She's a bit crazy-she calls her guitarist ( imie jakiegoś gitarzysty ), because she likes ( imie i nazwisko gitarzysty lub kogoś innego ) too. She's practising for the school concert now. She spends hours practising .

Nwm czy wszystkie słowa są poprawne .
Jeśli chcesz możesz cos pozmieniać ;))

myślę że trochę pomogłam ;]
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It is round me many the interesting stately persons of imitation. I admire it sincerely and I praise. Such are also, about which I tell less willingly. Tray men are bad, unkind persons, which sposobić being me does not please. One should with certainty Martyna to this first group. Who is Martyna? I about her will tell soon.

Martyna Natalie Gazicka, because full name sounds her so, is my the best friend. We on every object sit in bench, diligently listening lesson together (just, it can not always!). We got to know really two years ago when then Martyna came to our class, 4b, and by steam months she held title "new”. Very close live me, so when we meet only mum time near torn out from the ground extensive oak on which they lie in wait mosses and mushrooms, and we seeing rotten wood can there and here. The tree of full moon also the part of something in kind of book of registrations enamoured, because the embroidery of initials his bark be speckled with. But do not worry – I did not forget yet, that I want here to describe Martyna.

My friend does not be to characterize by in peers' crowd with growth. He at her is average, such in alone once. My very slim, and to this shapely figure. We on her neck seeing some pendant can always. Keeping head is duty of such neck, bushes, chestnut curls which in this incident be poured on oneself. Feline eyes under this mop conceal you. The playful surrounded with group glance of merrily shining little sparks rains with them. We by them will find debts, upturned to mountain lightly nose as well as steam always ruddy cheeks. When the Martyna smiles appear in them the pretty dołeczki, adding charm of her face. It would be to does not remember about her mouths sin. They are always red and full always smiling, sometimes only for decoration painted błyszczykiem. These mouths tell many interesting things.
Martyna except pretty external appearance has also rich interior. It is modest – I never saw in order to zarozumialczym elevated patrząc glance. It many persons perceives her as obliging, helpful and disinterested friend. There are the assaults of bad humour sometimes only, and it is not to annulment then. Every of us has the time such worse days surely. This happens her seldom fortunately. Martyna likes doing always this, there is readiness on what in data moment. It does not take down, when someone throws on her his will. Personification has not with her boredom with regard on her sociable and fancy imagination.

Despite that we have knowed for two years I do not know her all interests. Only, what I am sure this this, that many is them. It be able to spend hour near own microscope, to to spy on through one's telescope Martians willingly as well as to smear the whole heaps of paper to me well-known hieroglyphs only. This ostatnia action is for me inexplicable. And it will stay such already probably. If Martyna walks about sport adores bicycle trips, foot and outdoor. It likes swimming also, playing in ball, and going with winter on sankach and szusować after mountains on skis. Something, what her finds me always it pleases, in order to to restrain lying in wait beside boredom continually.
Martyna is for me the best friend and it checks in this part always. So as all has the change of defect also, but I am careful her for influencing person on surroundings well. It for this, that it is me always, is true, natural Martyna by all popular.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Magda is my best friend. She is 16 yesrs old, just like me. We know each other for as I remeber. She's going to High School in Jaroslaw. She lives with hers brother and parents in a small country. Magda is a thin and high teenager. She has long, curly, blond hair. She has very dark eyes. She is very beautifull girl and boys like her a lot. She wears very nice clothes, those are usually jeans, t-shirt and blouse.
She is very smiled and friendly girl. She likes meeting new people. She is very nice and friendly that's why she has a lot of friends. She is also kind, she always helps people. She always helps us with solving our problems. We can go to her with our problems and she always gives us good advise.
We call her "our Mrs Psychologist"
She has very ambitious future plans. Her dream is to be a psychologist.
Magda is a very good student. She is interested in biology and history.
She always get A, and she is the best in her class. She is also very talented. She sings and draws very nice. She also plays guitar. She is a member of church's chour, and she often go on festivals with hers friends and succeed.
Magda is an optimist. Always says "It will be ok, don't worry" and smiles.
She loves flowers,mostly white roses. Hers farden looks beautifull in Summer. Its nice and colourful everywhere.
She likes watching valleyball matches on tv, because she is also a valleyball player in school team.
I thit that Magda is a great person. I;m very glad that she is my friend.

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