My room is quite big. The walls are blue. In the middle there is a green carpet. Next to my bed there is my desk and there are a lot of books on it. I have also a computer. In front of the desk there is a chair. Next to the desk there is the wardrobe. And my radio is on this wardrobe. I really like my room and I spend here most of my free time.
My room is large. When I enter to him this after right side the bed of blue colour is. Small on centre lies brightly, - blue carpet. The chest of drawers after left side is and desk on which I learn. Cabinet is from books doors straight on.

A tu masz po polsku:
Mój pokój jest duży. Gdy wejdę do niego to po prawej stronie jest łóżko koloru niebieskiego. Na środku leży mały, jasno-niebieski dywan. Po lewej stronie jest komoda i biurko na którym się uczę. Na wprost drzwi jest szafka z książkami.