Mam napisać opowiadanie pod tytułem "a lucky escape" że niby coś się żle dzieje ale się dobrze kończy czy coś wtym stylu bla bla bla (na środę 20.01.10) 120-180 słów


(Para 1) Set the scene [who, were, when and what]

Main body
(Para 2-4) Develop the story [describe what happened, put events in the order they happened

(Para 5) End the story and say how the people felt



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!

The other day in Africa two brothers – Mark and Jacob decided to get an aerial view of an active volcano. The morning seemed just tailor-made for such a flight. The sky was fairly clear and the sun was shining faintly. As soon as they got prepared they climbed into the helicopter.
After having flown for some time and at long last they saw the volcano. Mark started taking pictures straight off when suddenly the helicopter shaked violently. Suddenly the engine stalled. Jacob decided radioed a distress call. Some time passed before the engine roared back to life. Only then did they manage to fly the helicopter out of the mouth of the volcano.
They landed safe and sound a few kilometers from there. ‘Never before did I go through such hell’ puffed Mark when they got off the vehicle. ‘Yes, for sure, we will never forget it’ added Jacob feeling greatly relieved that adventure had already ended.