London a town in south-eastern part of Great Britain, the capital of the country, as well as the capital of England. Located on the Thames, is the second largest city in Europe (after Moscow, from Paris), is also one of the largest cities in the world both in the same city as the scale and agglomeration. Population of London (within the so-called. Greater London) is around 8.2 million (2006) in the area of 1 607 km ² and the entire London metropolitan area, including all the neighboring towns (from Tonbridge in the southeast to the northwest of Windsor) has about 20 million people (the so-called area. megalopolis). About 20% of the population comes from Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. Contemporary London is the largest financial center in the world (since 2006 against New York). Here shall be 30% of global trade currencies and 40% of global trade Eurobonds. In London, hundreds of banks are located, the largest exchange in Europe (third world), many insurance companies and investment. London is also a great media center. A city full of monuments and museums annually attracts around 30 million tourists.

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