TASK Write a description of your ideal school. Look again at the model text and use your ideas from exercise 7.

When do classes start and finish?
Do you go to school every day?
What classes have you got today?
What subjects are obligatory?
Have you got a school uniform?
What's your favourite subject? Why?
Have you got any interesting teachers?
Why do you like the school?

Napisz wypracowanie o swojej wymarzonej szkole (szkole swoich marzeń).
Piszcie co chcecie, ale na temat.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Ja bym napewno napisała coś w tym stylu:
For me he doesn't have the school of dreams.

Rozwiń to:
Lessons are beginning about 10 and are finishing about 14. Free weekends and Wednesdays are. Certainly it wasn't in order to of uniforms, or bans e.g. too short blouses, mini.
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