Dear Natasha
I hope you don`t mind me writing to you. You probably don`t remember me, but we met about three years ago. My sister Patrycja used to works as an au pair for the family next door to you, and i visited her for a week. We both went to a party at your house a i remember talking to you about music.
You used to be into Jay-Z. Do you still like him?

Anyway, I`m writing to you now because Patrycja remembers that your parents are both lawyers. I`m studing ..................... I`ve decidet to spend next year working in the UK, partly to improve my English and partly to earn some money. Could your mum or dad give me any advice about how to get a job in a ..... firm? I`m prepared to do any kind of work - I don`t mind making tea!

Best wishes


w miejsce kropek wstaw
1) gdzie sie uczysz
2) z jakiej pracy bylabys zadowolona

pozdrawiam ;)
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear …….(tu wpisz imię)

Hi, how are you? I am on holiday In Bory Tucholskie. The camp is OK, but the weather is horrible. It is raining, so I decide to write a letter to tell you about my vacation.
The camp is in Tuchola. We are staying in small houses. I am in a room with two other girls. They are twins.
We get up very early every morning and have a shower. It is really horrible, because water is always cold. Then we have get dressed and have breakfast. Every day we get the same meal: eggs, bread with marmalade and tea or coffee with milk. It is not nice to eat eggs every day, but you know I like coffee with milk, so I drink three cups of it.
After breakfast we go riding or walking through forest. There is old forest around the camp. We have a morning break at half past ten and then we have free activities.
After lunch we usually play volleyball or play cards. We sometimes go for a trip.
We have a supper at six o’clock. After supper we watch TV or DVDs. We have a disco at every evening. Badtime is at ten o’clock, but we don’t go to bed at ten. We always talk with twins to eleven.
I hope that next week the weather will be better and we can go at the beach near lake.
Well that is all for now,
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