My favorite food is fish. Because it has a lot of vitamins is not greasy and delivers great protein. It is also good if someone is a vegetarian. Often during the summer to eat fish. I think with a good component to it, rice is the perfect fit. you can also add iron rich in vitamins.There is also a fish soup. Very popular in Pomerania. Visitors from abroad are delightful. This is our specialty.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My favourite food is a pizza or apple. I love friut and italian food. When i was in Italia, two years ago, i try a pizza with mushrooms, and now, i love it! I just eat pizza in every Friday and Monday ; ). I also like fruit. When it's sommer i eat only fruit. Apples, strawberries or oranges. I always eat peches for breakfast with orange juice. My mum say, that i eat very healthy food, and she's proud of me. But my dad think that i should eat more vegetables, but i hate vegetables !
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