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High school musical ;)

High school musical is an americans film, musical. Come into being in 2006 in USA. Main actors and actress are Zac Efron, vanessa Hudgens, Aschley Tisdale and Lucas Grabeel
High school musical is a story about two pupils- Troy Bolton-capitan of the basketball team and Gabreilla Montez a beautiful and shy student who excels in maths and science which common passion becomes sing. Troy and Gabriella belived that dreams become a reality and they an example for peers, which want publicly discover talents. For meet boy and girl come to new years in youth clubs when they take part in a caraoke contest and sing a song " The Start of Something New" The second time they met in school.
When they found out aboutschool show, they decide take in it. Ashley and Lucas that is Sharpay and Ryan felt danger. When people found out about new interesing Troy, they begin say about secrets. Boy fall in love to Gabriella. His friends want divide lovers and result from problems but finish is happy. Troy and Gabriella together sing onperformance.
As far as I am concerned film is sentry of observe because show problems teenagers and show that we must sometimes choose what will be bette for us.

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I do not like reading books very much but there is one book which I found very interesting and I read it with pleasure. This is "Pięcioro dzieci i coś" by an English writer Edith Nesbit.
The protagonists in this book are five children: Cyril, Antea, Robert, Jane and Baby. They are brothers and sisters. One day the children find a very strange and very old creature named Piaskoludek. Piaskoludek has a magic power - he can make human wishes come true. But each time the children say a wish the result is different from what they want. It is so because saying wishes is not easy. You have to know well what you want to say and what the consequences of your wish will be. The children have many funny and exciting adventures. Some of them are even dangerous. Fortunately the magic spell can only last until the sunset so after dark everything becomes normal again. At the end of the book Piaskoludek promises to help the children in a very nasty situation (the result of their wish) under the condition that they will never ask him for anything again.
I liked this book because of its lively and intriguing plot. The children's adventures are really fantastic and I read about them with a big interest. I am going to read the further parts of this book.

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