Write about your plans for your next school holiday. Write about...
*what you've decided to do
*what you think or hope you'll do

Mam napisane coś takiego ale nie wiemczy dobrze.Prosze o przeróbke.Bo tu trzba jeszcze napisać co myśle ze zrobie i cos prosze o dopisanie.

I'm going to spent my holiday at the beach and sea.I'm going to swim in every day.I'm going to assemble,shells,amber and walk the beach.I'm going to see the sunset.I will be my apparatus and I will be doing photographs.I want to build sand catles,to sunbatle,to sail ship and admire views.No longer I can wait until holidays.



For my next holiday im going to Spain. I love this local cusine and spanish language, I have been learning spanish 2 years so Iwill talk with somebody and check myself. I hope to buy some souvenirs and I will take a lot of photos.
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I'm going to spend my holiday on the sea. I'm going to swim in that cold water every day. I'm going to collect shells and walk on the beach before sunset. I hope I don't forget my camera because I'm going to make some photos. I want to build sand catles and sail in a ship and admire views. I think I will play volleyball on the sand with my friends. I can't wait for my holiday! I hope my holiday will peculiar ;)
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I'm going to spend my holiday on a beach and on the seaside.I'm going to swim every day.I'm going to assemble shells,amber and walk on a beach. I will have my camera and I will be doing a lot of photographs.I would like to build sand castles, to sunbathe,to sail a ship and admire views. I would like to go to the mountains, too. I love those views and food. I think, that mountaineers are very funny. No longer I can wait until holidays.
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