Shrek częśc 1 jest amerykańskim filmem animowanym.
Główny bohater jest ogrem.Mam 15 lat i gdy szłam na ten film do kina, myślałam że jest to kolejna bajka, która napewno nie przypadnie mi do gustu. Dopiero gdy obejrzałam go byłam naprawdę pod wielkim wrażeniem. Wszystko było świetnie dobrane. Piosenki, stroje, Choreografia No po prostu bomba. Nigdy nie spodziewałam się tego, ze film animowany, opowiadający o Postaciach fantastycznych i o miłości ogra do księżniczki może być taki pasjonujący. Częśc drugą wyczekiwałam od momentu, gdy obejrzałam tą cześc. Po prostu nie mogłam się doczekac kiedy wejdzie na ekrany kinowe i byłam pewna, ze pójdę na pierwszą możliwą premierę. Wiedziałam, ze zrobi zapewne taką furorę jak częśc 1 i nie pomyliłam się. Częśc druga była jeszcze lepsza niż część pierwsza. Postanowiłam sobie, ze już nigdy nie będę Myślec za czas, że filmy animowane są tylko dla dzieci do momentu, gdy sama go nie obejrze. Gorąco polecam wszystkim! I tym młodszym i starszym.
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"Shrek" is a film for children and adults. It is now one of the
the most popular films in the world. The film takes place in
beautiful land, which resides terrible ogr. The main

characters are: Shrek, Fiona and talkative Donkey. The creator of this film has also created "Toy Story," "Finding Nemo" Etc. In Polish
Shrekowi version voiced by Zbigniew Zamachowski and
osiołkowi Jerzy Stuhr. This film was made in 2001 and recently
was further part of the adventures of "Shrek 2". A big plus in this film was
production design, is optimized. Drawers with Dream Works
"Conjured up" the forests and castles, which have not yet seen in any
film. Music complements the image very well. "Shrek" is really
good film, and shows the fun and cleverly written
script and wonderful voice of Polish actors. This is a true story
love, barely budding friendship. The characters are sympathetic and
very human. Shrek (slightly) bearish, donkey awfully long-winded,
and the princess liked to sulk and fight. Even the dragon guarding the princess is
rich personality ... "Shrek," violates all possible diagrams,
guarantee, so that the development of the shares can not be predicted. Discomfited
viewers may well have fun while watching, capturing a number of
situations in which you can laugh. I think these films is no more.
10 4 10
Let a fact not mislead you, that in newspaper Shrekpojawia informers oneself in cannon - "children's films", because if before you scorn, it will probably pass you over the best comedy of the season, or perhaps final years. For children which will get entangled to the show, this film to harm should not (colourful and positive message), on the condition that the parent will explain to the descendant that one should not in the so-called real life combine hoses to the knot, or blow frogs into the considerable size of the balloon. However from this film only spectators made out can have the real fun, only they can because get back the entire wealth of humorous allusions, mockery about sentimental animated cartoons of Disney, musical and film associations, not to say nuances of tasty language from the figure. Because in this film nothing is so, which oneself seemingly is spending.
Shreck is roads for American heart - road film. Heroes - green ogr about the name Shreck and the chatting donkey are migrating through the fairy-tale land so that free the princess from the dragon and give it back for the wife to the lazy Farquaadowi lord. But outlines are limited to it. The dragon is showing itself the female sex what causes emotional complications, a prince is a with hang-ups shorty at which for themselves everyone are chaffing, and the princess is handing out kicks on the left and law, kind of only just naoglądała oneself Matriksa. Whereas when Robin Hood will jump out of forest (in one's fircykowatości Flynna edited on Erolla) it's no wonder that he looks "Roman I am" and together with his gang is giving the ballet show. As a matter of fact already alone idea with turning the fairy-tale scheme away, making stories of the green monster the hero, with farting (pardon) killing fish in the pond, is worth of Oscar. Charming fairy-tale forms known for us since childhood like dwarfs, fortune-tellers, princesses here are being named "average differently" and are showing themselves only noisy and uncouth with rabble God only knows why having jujus at one's disposal. Entire this wealth of the malice is undoubtedly a sweet revenge of the producer Jeffrey'a Katzenberga around spielbergowskiej for DreamWorks manufacturing company. Once he built the power of Disney, and scorned before is persisting in attempts to break his monopoly on animated fairy tales. He chose the tool of the revenge witty and is applying it imaginatively in order to recall earlier productions to which he put their producer's hand - Ant around and Nick's Chickens getting away Couple.
Majority of the humour of the one "fairy tales amiss" derives from language. Here they turn out to be champions of the dependable woman fencer of Shrek and him przyjaciel-nie-przyjaciel donkey. It is a classical couple of heroes based on the principle of contrasts - taciturn bulky ogr and hyperactive, super talkative cloven-hoofed. I will admit that I don't know how in these roles Mike Myers and Eddas Murphy deal with which are lending voices in the original version, but I am hurrying to inform hereby, that Zbigniew Zamachowski and (especially) Jerzy Stuhr in the dubbed Polish version are working miracles what significantly the translation perfect, being ripe with humour is helping them with. It already second in the recent time case - after chickens getting away which ordered me to verify one's disapproving judgements about the institution of the dubbing.
In the end it is necessary absolutely to add that Shreka world is a land generated completely by a computer and it is necessary to admit that authors are already close to the film mastery in simulating real world. The facial expression, the movement of the figure, not to say the move of their robes are being moved close for real. A sure stuffiness and an artificial smoothness of the area still remained moments, but it isn't disturbing in a world of fantasy. Much the fact that for the first time from many months you have the chance at the cinema is more important to split one's sides laughing. Of what and I wish you.
8 4 8