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Kasia: hi how are you?
Kamil: I thnik thanks.
kasia: what did you do in weekendS?
kamil: I played computer day in saturday morning.
kasia; mhm i hate play computer games. It's boring (bo ogolnie nie lubie grac) What did you do evning?
Kamil: I watched tv.
kasia: what did you sow?
kamil: i sow very inetresing film.
Kasia. hmhm. what did you do on sunday?
kamil: i viisted my famili
kasia: who did you visited?
kamil: i visited my uncel. what did you do in weekend?
kasia: I shopping.
kamil. oo so do i. do ypu fancy go to shoping center, now?
kasia: okeey good idea
kamil;let's go
kasia; okej,
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-What did you do on the last weekend?
-I was in the cinema. And you?
-I make cooks with my mum.
-Oh. Great!
-Well.. Who was with you in the cinema?
-My boyfriend
-Wow! Do you have boyfriend?
-Yes. He's Adam.
-I don't knew!
-So, you know now.
-Ok. What film did you watch?
-It was horror.
-Horrors are scary!
-I know. I am afraid, but Adam is with me ;)
-I am jealous of you!
-Oh.. Stop through!
-Ok. Sorry. I want have boyfriend too.
-Haha, you?
-Yes. I must wait.
-I agree.
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A: Brian? Long time no see!
B: Oh my, It's you, Charles!
A: I didn't know you were in London.
B: I came here looking for job, and I found one!
A: Aw, man, don't talk about job now, it's Sunday! How was your weekend?
B: It was quite good, I must say...
A: This mysterious smile on your face makes me wonder, what happened?
B: I won 3 000 000 pounds in the lottery.
A: REALLY?! That's great!
B: I was really happy, too.
A: Then why did you even mention the job?
B: Think about it. Let's say that I gave up on working and said that I am rich now. Then my falimy would want some of my money!
A: Now, that was selfish of you! They are your family! They raised you and loved you!
B: Yeah, sure. And they woul fall in love with my bank account very quickly. I didn't tell them and I don't intend to.
A: Just do as you please. Something else happened?
B: Nothing much, really. I cleaned up my house, borrowed some books from the library...
A: Just as boring as your life was.
B: And what about you, Charles? How was your weekend?
A: I had to spend Friday and Saturday at my Aunt's place.
B: You didn't like it, family-man?
A: Hey, being imprisoned in an old flat was a bit different from winning at the lottery.
B: Anyway, I have to go. My client awaits.
A: What job did you chose?
B: I'm a home turtor. I really have to go, the exams are getting closer and I didn't have any free time lately. See ya!
A: Bye!
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