From an early age I wanted to live in the countryside, have their own farm where the increasing number of sunflowers. Life in the country is calm, the air is clean and the people living in it polite and very tolerant. Maybe life in the countryside is boring but you will pay for a beautiful landscape. Living in the city is indeed interesting and hard to get bored because there are many attractions around. In town for sure but I would have more friends in the countryside quickly find a trusted friend. Need silence to learn, in a city heavily for it. I think this is all I can write about my dreams for the future of the beautiful countryside.
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In the future I would like to live in (name of city), because there is in my opinion the most beautiful in the world. Crop location (city) from the mine, by her charm as the hypnotized me with its monuments. They are the people with whom przemili nice to be working, because they are smiling, and even when you are going wrong not leave you. This is a nice park which is a lot of animals, which themselves come to the man. In this wonderful city feels like heaven, yet satisfied. Together with my pet (name), namely it is (for example, the type of dog or cat) we're happy, I was married, and my (pet) has a number of male children and hens. Together with my partner and we have a pet house one family in which we are all happy, and I'm pregnant. I hope that I will be a good mother, and together with (name of partner) brought up our children to decent people.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I wish to live in nice, big city because of many attractions, because of better life, which i think it is not in Poland. In my opinion villages are for quiet people, who likes to live for theirselfs...who likes quiet and beauty of nature. Village is absolutely not for me because I am not the type of quiet person also I am living in small city and I really do not like it... I like to party with my friends and I love to meet new people. In my opinion the best country for me in the future will be Australia because of things that i said before and also because of sunshine days and this part is the most important because I hate winters, I love sun!. I think that Australia is a lovely country and i really wish to live in Sydney and I will try to do everything I can to make my dreams come true.
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