Complete the desciription of New York. Choose the best words.
New Yourk is one the most exciting cities in the world. The are lots of/ much things to do in Manhattan, the heart of New York. There are hundres of museum, restaurants, cafes, clubs and theratres to visit, and a little/ a lot of exclusiwe and expensive shops.
In the past the air was very polluted, but now there isn't some/ much pollution. In fact, New York is now a very clean city. There's much/ a lot of beutiful scenery around the city . On Long Island, only a few/ many miles from New Yourk, you can find some/ any fantastic beaches, and to the west of the city even much/ afew mountains where you can ski.
New Yorkers are very welcoming-you won't find much/ many unfrendly people. So come and spend a little/ a few time in New York. You won't regret it!

Write five sentences describing the place where you live. Use the words in the box to help you. ( block of flats, car, factory, farm, fresh air, noise, busy road, hill, lane, night-life, pollution, scenery, traffic, wood.)
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a lot
a lot
a few

I live in a little house by this big shopping centre. On the left of my house there is a bus stop. Not far from me there is a bakery, I go there every morning to buy fresh bread. The worst thing about me living there is that there is a lot of noise from the cars and the people that visit the shopping centre. But everyone can get used to it .