1.Underline the correct sentence, 1 or 2, in each mini-dialogue.
a)A:Can you come dancing tomorrow night ?
B:1 Sorry, I'll play basketball.
2 Sorry, I'm play basketball.

b)A:What are your plans for the summer?
B: 1 I'll spend a month in the mountains.
2 I'm going to spend a month in the mountains.

c)A:What do you think about the weather?
B: 1 It'll probably rain tomorrow.
2 It's raining tomorrow.

d)A: What about tomorrow at about 5.30?
B: 1 OK, I'll see you then.
2 OK, I'm seeing you then.

e)A:Mary is buying a dog next week.
B:1 Really? What is she calling it ?
2 Really? What is she going to call it ?

f)A: It would be nice to see you next week.
B: 1 Are you doing anything on Wednesday?
2 Will you do anythink on Wednesday?

Proszę o napisanie w każym potunkcie czy jest 1 czy 2 odp.