Napisz list do kolezanki z Angli,ktora zaprosiles na wakacje do siebie.W liście:
-przypomnij o dacie przyjazdu oraz popros o podanie dokladnej godziny i srodka transportu.
-napisz jaka pogoda panuje w lipcu w Polsce i jakie ubrania nalezy przwiezc ze soba.
-opisz krotko dwie najwaznejsze atrakcje swojego miejsca zamieszkania
-popros o przywiezienie dla ciebie ksiazki,ktora zostawiles u kolezanki i opisz ja.




Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hello Becky. How are you? I'm so happy that you come to Poland 14 July. What time you will be on station? And what kind of vehicle you will come? In my country in July is warm, but sometimes the wind is blowing. So take some summer clothes, skirts, dresses and take sweater, trousers. In Kraków are a lot of monuments. The main attractions are Wawel (it's a castle) and Marian Church. They are really old but amazing.
Oh, I forget a book in Sam's house. Can you take it for me? It's blue, and the title is: "Romeo i Julia".
See you soon.
(twoje imię).

mam nadzieję że dobrze ;p
Hi .......! Do you remember about coming to my city? I would like to ask you to give me a time and then come in, because we would be prepared for your arrival. Over the next week will's hot and sunny,so take a lot of summer clothes! In my town is a great commercial centum. In summer there is a beach to play volleyball and many other attractions! In addition, we can choose the amusement park. There are lots of queues! Could privilegesć me the book, which I left with you? She had a green cover with silver letters. Its title was "Life." Reply as soon as possible, your ....................