Z góry śliczniedziękuję za pomoc,będę bardzo wdzięczny..buziaki:*

Obrazek "A" przedstawia morze,plażę ludzi kąpiących się i opalających na słoneczku.
Obrazek "B" przedstawia krajobraz górski,oraz ludzi,którzy wybrali się z psem na wędrówkę po górach.

1.What kind of people is each of these holidays suitable for ?
2.What are the main attractuions od both holidays?
3.What are the problems you may encounter during each of these holidays?
4.Have you ever been on any holidays like these?Describe your experience.
5.Which holiday would you choose?Why?



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. On the picture A there are people, who like passive leisure, whilst on the picture B there are people, who like active leisure.
2. The main attractions of the "A" are sunbathing & swimming in the sea, but on "B",main attractions are walking & hiking.
3. On the seaside we mostly may encounter problems with inrush of brain when we don't wear hats. In mountains we mostly can encounter problems with pressure, headaches, tiredness and problems with losing right ways.
4. Yes, I have been to Zakopane in 1999. It was very good departure, but one problem tad broke our purposes to spend time in one day. We lost way in high mountains and we couldn't found right. We ought to phoned to salvors, but we didn't do that. It was complicated to find good track but at 9pm. we met group of people and we came back to town with theirs.
5. After that experiences in south of Poland I will surelly choose Gdańsk. I just want to swim in sea and don't think about that, it may something happen to me.