My dog is called Megi. This is a small pedigree dog. Megi them very little, because it is very tiny. I named it so because it is a song called "Little Megi" Megi is very calm. Do not chase any cat. At the beginning there was a problem with her because she did pile on the carpet at home. Quickly learned to do it outside. We love my dog.
I saw a dog yesterday.
A dog was small and brown.
It had short feet and long tail.
It had small eyes and tiny nose.
It ran fast.

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My cat was very beautiful. Treat him as a best friend. I always cheered, and was able to deduce from sadness. I liked to play with him. He wore a red bow, which adds to it charm. adored play bundle of wool. It was the color of ginger with white paws. This was my best pet that I had.
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