In this essay i have to describe person, who I admire.
I thought a lot of time who is it and i realised that it is a person who i really love and i know her very much- it is my mother.
Everyday she does a lot of things: she looks after my younger sister-Hania, she goes to her work, she cooks everyday and she cleans our flat.
In spite of too mach duties she is always happy and entisiastic.
Her hobby is helping. A lot of people comes to our home to get a advice from my mother.
I admire her because of she is reasonable.
Sometimes when i am saddy or when i am angry with all the world around me, she comes to my room and we talk to each other a lot of time. She always tell me what i should do, and sometimes when i do it , it helps to me.
I think that she would be a great psychologist.
Her other advantage is it, that she can decorate very fashionable.
When my mum wants to make something better,she decore it with flowers and a lot of another things.
In a finnish it looks amazing and always it what whe did is very fashionable.
I really love her and i don't know , what i would do without her.
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The person that I admire is once of my friend called Michelle. She trains sport's acrobatic. She has training everyday, also at weekend. She also go outdors to train. She wins a lot of competition. She has not got much free time. But it is not all!! She learns great! She has only great marks, good grades, and fantastic opinion. Though she has not time to learning. She can do that her hobby is as perfect as her learning. But for acrobatic she might do everything. She might work all the night, because at day she learns. She also has a lot of great friends. She doesn't forget about them though she has not much time. I admire her also becouse though that everything, she is not nervous. She is nice, and calm. Of course as everyone she has problem with her mum. She considers that she is overworked. But she never mind. She does that she loves! And the acrobatic is everything for her! He comes true her dreams. Because though school she trains. All the time! That's why I admire her.

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Person which I admire is Piotr Górny, he is more known as Donguralesko or DGE. He was born in Poznań in 1980, now he is 30 years old. I think that he isn't really handsome. He is tall and little bit fat. His style is really popular in teenagers and in Hip-Hop. He is skate, beacuse he wears too large and too long clothes. I like his style. He sings with other, really popular rappers. He recorded many songs and realeased many albums. He is in few hip hop groups, which are the most popular. He never give up! People who knows him, can say, that he is really explosive and generous! When I read it in Internet I thonk that he must be nice person. I started listen to his songs and interested his person. I admire him, beacuse I really like listen to music and hip hop is my favourite kind. I admire him also, beacuse when he was a child, he had really hard life, now he works for themself and people who were listening his songs, now they know that every person all over the world can be anybody, even a great star like him, beacuse when you want something and work for this really hard, you can prove yourself and everybody that nothing is impossible.

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