Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
"Dress uniform or diverse? Ask themselves this question today, many directors and rulers schools. I think this is a very difficult subject, but indicated there are deep agonizing. Currently, the country's few such schools, where students wear uniforms. This controversial for some manner of dress in schools is increasingly being implemented, although it takes is amended before a long time and as I mentioned earlier in the event of a few such schools to which students attend in uniform. In Poland, this principle may not fall so much in vogue. Unique in the world are in such countries as USA, England, Scotland and Denmark. There uniforms are valid primarily students at schools such as the renowned Oxford University in English and American college in Manhattan and Los Angeles. This type often we see pictures of different types of films and interviews on just such schools. In our country school, where uniforms are worn mostly every school in the teaching nuns. In my opinion, it is advantageous for the same issue of dress of all students and will try to answer the question, which appeared in the first sentence. Why, then implement school uniforms?
First issue of the same preclude any kind of clothing divisions among students. Namely, one wearing a uniform can not accuse the student that he is not original and it is a very strong argument. Then the students will feel confident and safe school and their school life will be functioning normally. Here no one can say about the value of our product and it also stablish students claim that they are equal to all other persons from the school environment.
Secondly, it is beneficial to wear uniforms on the ground that no outsiders will not enter school unless they admit to it employees. I mean here the problem of drugs. On the agenda we hear about all kinds dilerach trading commodity in schools. The worst thing is that in many cases leads to the dependence of students in many cases the management of the school is helpless, because in trying to do something about it and tries to call the police is already too late. The problem is far from the school will be harassed, but wearing uniforms can be a way to combat the scourge of drug dealers.
It is my belief by wearing uniforms is easier to determine the perpetrator of the offense. An example of this can be a dislocation in the school windows.
In schools where students wear different clothes to establish such an offender can be cumbersome and long. Great difficulty in school, such investigations is the fact that nobody wants to admit to the offense. In school, where students wear the same clothes will be much easier and it will not take as much time as in a normal school or college. It is sufficient that the event viewer will notice that the school staff and in many cases it is not difficult.
In another aspect of the problem I will refer to the dress. How many people especially girls from going to school is a huge dilemma, what to wear? Wearing uniforms does not make any trouble. Then it is easier to deal with such emerging problem and can actually say that it does not exist. Why spend money on clothes when no one uniform for the whole week.
I am sure that wearing the uniform dress in schools is a big advantage.
Students wearing uniforms in some way stand out among others. They create a kind of collective and are aware that particularly stand out among others. Wearing uniforms can identify them, and thanks to him will be more easily recognized amongst their peers, such as various types of outputs such as the cinema or theater. There will be much to distinguish among the other schools in the urban environment.
Wearing uniforms has its drawbacks. Many students this type of clothing may not like it and yet everyone wants to look best in a certain way to distinguish themselves among others with the good part. It is certainly a strong counterargument. Uniform dress is not conducive to hygiene of the body. Wearing such a jacket for the whole week is not hygienic, and my opinion is not relevant. If you already have a community school to wear uniforms that one person should have at least two sets of such clothing. For the majority of personal hygiene is a very important faction and also shows the human culture, so wear a jacket all week is not conducive to the students. Wearing them can be difficult for some because of belonging to a group such as a person who is a fan of football or some kind of music will want to stand out among the general public just clothes and emblems associated with that group.
In closing I am sure that all the above-mentioned arguments clearly and completely confirmed by putting the argument and prove the fact that the school will be better dress uniform, or wearing uniforms than diversity. I encourage schools to the rulers to implement the school system and so that it can be. Some kind of incentive may be the above-mentioned examples from the west, and from the ocean. I think that most school staff looks with envy at those universities, and that increasingly will be able to see the school in Poland, where the students wear the same uniforms.