Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My house is a large, white with black roof. the dale There are six rooms: two bathrooms, a living room in which it is in red, a hall, a very interesting kitchen in white with furniture, stove and large refrigerator and a porch. On the wooden stairs leading up where there are also six rooms: three children's rooms, bedroom, bathroom and lounge. My room is pink tulips. There are clear furniture, carpet a few pictures, dressing table and a radio. Front of my house is lovely, large garden, green grass, orchard fruit (a little), and many conifers.
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My house.
Our is in a quite neighbours in Poznan. I live with my family in a detached hose. It is the most noticable house in the street because of its large pond and big garden with roses, tulips and cherry trees. THe house is surrond by railings. The front door opens into a spacious hall. Floors in whole hoses are wooden and windows are too. Downstairs there's a kitchen with an open friplace and a wooden table. Whenever guests visit us, they like to sit in our kitchen because it is very cosy. In the living room is a full of large windows with nice view. Usually, we spend much time watch TV or listen to music. Downstairs there is bathroom. There are 3 bedrooms and bathroom upstairs. There is also a attic. My parents have the biggest bedroom with large double bed. My brother and I have smaller rooms but also very nice. My bedroom has wooden bed. In the corner there is a wardrobe full of my clothes. By the window there is my desk at which I study every day. Besides, there are a lot of pictures,photos and a few bookshelves in my room. I like my room very much and I am happy that I do not have to share with anyone. My home is full of modern furniture and new equipment. It is beautiful and comfortable. FOrm me it's just "home sweet home".
I am living in a small but beautiful and traditional house. Building is far away from noisy and busy city, I love that peaceful and quiet. The colour of the wall outside is orange. The windows are wooden. The door is braun with small window.
Let's look inside... I've got 4 rooms, dining room, kitchen, toilet and batch room.
My own room is is not big but not really small. The colour of the wall is blue like sky.
I love my room and house. ;)

(You schould have 5 ;D)
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