Become interesting activities less enticing. Limited time gave to have justification how much pleasure from some pleasure as this is possible.
After second, he would be holidays they lost they spice even when this lasting whole life is.
After third, in work man meets new people, some them he stood himself up colleague, some friends or even spouse.
At last , favourable life means favourable it is career, what left without work?
Most most important defect is that work is often source of frustrating, health problems or even depresses. They are people frightened that thay can lose them work
Moreover for favourable career in work man she dedicated them family, friends and different no - work aspect life. They did not get contact own children end does not know anything about them from them.
At last much work f stood himself up at home dangerous condition.G. Raise dust , high or low temperature, darkness or high height.
To finish, man this not to go work mad, but it has to find weight between work also and private life. Work tool is babes also bad as working too very.
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